Flying high above a country often gives us a new perspective on our world. Observing videos can also give us a vantage point on the details of an interaction whilst allowing us step back from it. In addition to looking at examples of best practices and video analysis methods for HCI, this workshop seeks to bring together people to discuss and review approaches to video analysis to consolidate research in the area to-date. In particular this workshop will concentrate on approaches rather than software tools, utilising participants expertise whilst also giving them something new to learn.

The problem with video data is that it provides too much information and analysing it at an appropriate level for our research questions can seem overwhelming. Sometimes pragmatic video recording issues focus our analysis methods, e.g. poor voice recordings force us to concentrate on interaction patterns between participants and the technology. At other times, the design of the evaluation and the research questions will emphasise a specific style of video analysis. For example, focus group video recordings often focus on the textual discussions with the visual data being used to clarify who is speaking, show level of importance in the comments through body language (e.g. punching the air while speaking). 

As a researcher using video data it is important to understand the different ways this data can be analysed to give you the full value from its capture. Along with issues of video recording and tools, the main focus of this workshop will be on analysis methods. The methods reviewed will be enriched by participants' contributions, with three main methods used to support understanding of best practice for different research questions and objectives:
  • Critical incident
  • Content analysis
  • Grounded and interaction analysis  

The Twitter hashtag for this event is #vat4hci
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